The National Broadband Network, or NBN, is an ambitious project to get all of Australia connected.

The National Broadband Network, or NBN, is an ambitious project to get all of Australia connected.

What exactly does the NBN do? This federal government program is designed to roll out high-speed Internet access to everyone in Australia, no matter where they are. The idea is to stay ahead in the 21st century by ensuring all Australians have fast and reliable connections, even in the most remote areas, which is a key consideration for a country with the geography of Australia.

Whether you are an individual subscriber or a business looking to stay competitive in the digital space, though, there are pros and cons to the NBN you should know about.

Pros of the NBN

It Makes Remote Work More Possible And Convenient

Businesses and employees like the idea of remote work, at least in certain situations. For employees, having a reliable connection that makes it possible to work from home a few days a week or work as a freelancer from a remote location is a great plus to the NBN.

For companies, the NBN allows them to hire more remote contractors and keep up with product project management development companies they’re working with without worries about unreliable connections interfering with communication.

It Sets Australia Apart

Australia is the only nation currently working to ensure that every single citizen has access to high-speed broadband. Other nations have systems that are just as sophisticated, but they have not necessarily rolled out nationally in a way that connects everyone.

Once the project is finished, Australia will be one of the top nations in terms of broadband technology, meaning businesses can stay competitive and individuals can stay connected.

Telstra Won’t Be Responsible For Infrastructure

Because Telstra is no longer responsible for the upkeep of the infrastructure, experts predict that costs to the individual consumer will go down dramatically. The government also promises that repairs and connection issues will be addressed more quickly and efficiently.

And since the government is using existing Telstra and Optus cables and fiber optics, it’s saving money on building new infrastructure in certain areas and ensuring a smooth rollover.

NBN Plans Are Equitable

The NBN is designed to simplify plans and promote equity so that individuals in remote places can have the same access as city-dwellers and small businesses can keep up with larger metropolitan concerns. Another way the NBN is attempting to ensure the system works fairly for all is by ensuring certain essential Internet functions don’t count against subscribers’ data usage.

For example, a small business that has invested in unique software and firmware solutions to help them run efficiently will be able to update these without using up data. Individual subscribers will be able to check email and do other basic tasks without penalty, as well.

Cons Of The NBN

It Can Be Expensive

Individual plans represent a savings for individual subscribers, but at the cost of enormous amounts of public money. Right now estimates are in the $50 billion range, and that’s money from the pockets of Australia’s citizens.

It’s Taking A While To Catch On

Some of those watching the NBN feel concerned by how long it’s taking to get the entire nation connected. The worry is that by the time the whole system is rolled out, the technology will already be outdated and the government will be thinking about starting over again from scratch.

Options Are Still Limited In The Outback

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

For the most remote areas of Australia, the fastest connections, like FTTP, simply aren’t available. Instead, many in the most remote areas will have to rely on satellite Internet, which is much slower than other connections, though faster than what people in these areas have previously had access to.

Everything new take some getting used to, and while there are some kinks to work out, there’s a lot to love about the NBN. Compare NBN plans with iSelect today and find the right NBN plan to keep you connected.